Church Planting

Church Planting--Purpose and Function

The Church Planting Team will cultivate a decentralized church planting movement within the Tulsa region where a growing number of network churches are involved in the creation of new churches.

Scott Carlson
Scott CarlsonChurch Planting Team Leader and Senior Pastor at The Refuge

Protocol for Requests

  • The Church Planting Team endeavors to assist both prospective church planters and associational churches with training, resources, or funding at any stage of the church planting process.
  • Church planters are expected to raise their own “primary” funding. The Church Planting Priority Team is available to assist church planters with preparing to raise support, including networking with associational churches who might be interested in supporting a new church.
  • Association churches are encouraged to generously and directly fund, support, mentor, and pray for all church plants that demonstrate capable leadership and a clear vision. It is recommended that churches considering funding a new church look for a church planter with all of the following: a history of proven leadership, a strong sense of calling to church planting, a practical plan and strategy for the new church, a favorable church planting assessment from either the BGCO or other qualified assessor, and a completion certificate from a church planting training course or seminar. The Church Planting Priority Team is available to assist any associational church in this ongoing relationship.
  • The Church Planting Priority Team provides supplemental funding (depending on available funds) to new churches by matching dollars given directly to a new church by individual donors and associational churches. This match is not to exceed $12,000 in any one year and is not to exceed $36,000 over 3 years (funding will not be considered beyond the third year without extenuating from the association must provide documentation showing actual dollars given by individual donors or associational churches before funds will be released. At least one TMBN partnering church must be a financial partner and be present at the very first funding request. Individual requests must not occur more frequently than quarterly.
  • Funding request to the Church Planting Priority Team must be presented in person by the prospective church planter and be accompanied by a written plan and strategy for the new church (or appropriate update/report for existing new churches who are requesting additional funding). Prospective church planters must complete an approved church planting training experience and receive a favorable church planting assessment from either "Oklahoma Baptists" or other qualified assessor before requesting funds.
  • Funding for each following year must be preceded by a visit by the Sponsoring Pastor and Planter with members of the Church Planting Team. This meeting is intended to understand the state of the plant, support, and relationship between the plant and sponsoring church. Renewed funding is not guaranteed but continued funding is probable with sustained support from the sponsoring church and viable focus and effort by the planter. (8/26/10)

Funding Request Form

Please complete the Funding Request Form (download available below) and return to the office no later than the Wednesday morning immediately prior to the announced team meeting date via:

  • Fax: 918-622-1862 
  • By hand to our address

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