Testimonies - Testimony from Parkview Baptist Church (Received 12/2014):


Testimony from Parkview Baptist Church (Received 12/2014):

Testimony from Pastor Steve Lewis at Parkview Baptist Church, Tulsa:

Thanks to the Impacting Lostness Team and the BGCO partnership with us, we were able to rent out a booth at the Tulsa State Fair. The premise was to have fair goers stop and guess the number of crosses in a big container with the one coming closest to the actual number winning a big screen TV. Those who stopped were then asked if they would have time to listen to a brief story of how the cross changed someone's life. 
Here's what happened:

*75 Parkview members received training on how to share their testimony. 

*60 shared their testimony for the first time.

*3,224 people stopped at our booth and had a conversation and received the gospel.

*230 people listened to a testimony about the cross.

*409 asked for more info about our church.

*3 people have since joined Parkview.

*1 person trusted Christ at the booth!

We learned a lot and hope to do a similar outreach again next year! Thanks to TMBN and the BGCO for partnering with us!

Blessings and Happy New Year!
Steve Lewis