Testimonies - Testimony from First Baptist Church, Rolling Hills (Received 6/2015):

Testimony from First Baptist Church, Rolling Hills (Received 6/2015):

Dear Tulsa Metro Baptist Network,

In February of this year, with the help of TMBN, we launched a weekly karate ministry at FBC, Rolling Hills. The goal of the ministry is to use the uniqueness of karate as an opportunity to share the gospel.

We currently have about 50+ students between our two classes, allowing us to minister to both existing church families and about fifteen new families that we were not otherwise reaching. Praise God that several new students are now going with us to camp this year.

This ministry has been an answer to prayer for us, and the start-up funds from TMBN helped us secure much needed equipment for this launch. The ministry is now self-sustaining, and just this week we were able to send money to help two karate related mission projects. Please pray for our chief instructors: Scott Murry, Jason Murry, and Lance Pinkston.

Brad Brooks
Pastor, FBC Rolling Hills
19529 E. 4th Pl Tulsa, OK 74108