Protocol for Requests

Protocol for Requests

Any member of a Tulsa Metro Baptist Network (hereafter referred to as the 'TMBN') church may participate in the meetings of this Team (Impact Lostness Team--hereafter referred to as Team) within the Team's published protocols serving as the basis for decision making. They will be expected to remain well informed on the demographics (i.e. local needs, growth trends, and best practices) concerning such endeavors to reach lost folks.

The Annual Financial Plan of the TMBN will allocate funds for the Impact Lostness Team to be used for that fiscal year. The Team is fully authorized to use these funds to resource the vision of the TMBN affiliated churches in accomplishing their mission as it pertains to this particular Team's area of focus.

Requests for funds should be specific and made in writing to the TMBN who will pass them on to the Team leaders prior to the scheduled meeting in which you wish to present this request. Requests will need to be complete, having all of the attached documentation requested on the application form in order to be considered for funding.

Churches must demonstrate/explain how this training/activity or event will assist them in moving forward with their God-given vision. 

The local congregation requesting help should be a financial partner of the TMBN for funding to be granted. Requests for Impact Lostness Team must come from the participating church rather than from individuals. Special exceptions may be considered.

Funding that the Impact Lostness Team grants to a church will be based on the need, determined by the strategy, budget for the project, and available funds*.

Funding* for any activity/training or event sponsored by a church will not exceed more than the investment of the requesting church.*

The Team requires that churches (and/or individuals) receiving funding/grants must report back to the Team in writing (email is okay) stating the activity/event outcomes.*

Meetings of the Team shall be held monthly from August through May (excluding the summer months and December) or as needed. Currently the normal meeting time is the last Thursday of the month.

*NOTE: Churches and/or Individuals may make requests but must follow all guidelines of responsibility, accountability, and follow up debriefing information is required. (At this time we can only authorize up to a $500 maximum amount for each request--if our Team budget increases we may be able to fund more).