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Purpose and Function

The Church Planting Team will cultivate a decentralized church planting movement within the Tulsa region where a growing number of network churches are involved in the creation of new churches.


Team Leaders


Team Leaders


Jim Stratton

Church Planting Team Leader and Senior Pastor at Riveted Church, Skiatook


Mike Lehew

Church Planting Team Leader and Senior Pastor at Church Inside Out, Sapulpa

Protocol for Requests


  • The Church Planting Team endeavors to assist both prospective church planters and associational churches with training, resources, or funding at any stage of the church planting process.
  • Church planters are expected to raise their own “primary” funding. The Church Planting Priority Team is available to assist church planters with preparing to raise support, including networking with associational churches who might be interested in supporting a new church. 
  • Association churches are encouraged to generously and directly fund, support, mentor, and pray for all church plants that demonstrate capable leadership and a clear vision. It is recommended that churches considering funding a


Funding Request Form


Please complete the Funding Request Form (download available below) and return to TMBN’s office no later than the Wednesday morning immediately prior to the announced team meeting date via:

  • Mail:

4502 E 29th ST

Tulsa OK 74114

Fax: 622-1862 

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  • By hand to the address above

Church Planting Testimonies

Cowboy UP Church

Hi guys,

Letting you know Cowboy UP Cowboy Church is doing great. Fifty-five people and three horses in attendance this last service--that is about the average attendance in our 16th service held in CPH arena.

We are enjoying what God is doing. Our last service was great--the music just set the tone for the day and the new faces there with smiles and afterward them telling me that this is great! Just made a smile on my face that I can't get rid of. PRAISE GOD for that.

We are making plans to do some fun things here. The men really enjoyed the bowling a few weeks ago and are looking forward to joining up again. We are gearing up for the arena events and the trip to Falls Creek is going to be huge.

Keep praying for us 'cause we are for all of you. Thanks for the support. And call on us for anything at anytime.

Thanks GOD bless!
Scott McAfee
Cowboy Up Church, Owasso